April 29, 2014

Labor is the most solemn!

Only the workers to labor, labor and mental and physical, labor without straw, only different division of labor. Anyone who studied all know that created all labor, labor in any corner of the China, at any time, just like the blood in your body, for all the time.kaisi123
Labor is the most beautiful, warm, with the fragrance of soil, with the joy of the goods;
Labor is the most real, with years of temper, emblazoned with the trace of the past;
Labor is the most solemn, sacred, strong in your heart, with your dignity;love and love
Labor is the most wisdom, screened in the world of good and evil, motivate all things, great and acceptance.kaskao
Each of us is laborer, also all labor, are always enjoy their labor bring happiness. As long as there are labor, drew out a lot of moving images. Think of mother and weeding, spray insecticide, give a vegetable garden, pruning, suffused with light fragrance, food flavor...kaisi123
A group of children with a basket of pig, the form of running in the fields, came to play... In the early morning of the cleaner, workers toiling away; The police patrol the streets, regardless of day and night; Literary and art workers meditation practice, scientific research and technology... Everything, and they only "work" to put it in series, condensation. And only this, they show the labor. kaisi123
Laborer is in labor, this is a song, every detail to happiness is a beautiful note, roaming on everyone's face. Labor is the source of happiness in life, in every day with you fly, also always let you grateful to life, salute!kaskao

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