May 28, 2014

The government needs to use this time!

Pfizer had until Monday evening to make any further move under a strict timetable allowed for takeovers of public companies.じすい

These same rules mean Pfizer must now wait six months before making a fresh bid for AstraZeneca, unless invited to do so by the company.Mengmd's Blog

By then AstraZeneca shareholders believe the US government will have gone a long way to closing the tax loophole which was one of the reasons for Pfizer being so attracted to AstraZeneca.みいしえ

However, if AstraZeneca's board has a complete change of mind about the offer it could invite Pfizer to talks in three months' time.dfsdder

The Unite union said that the company's independence was not secure and the government should act to protect certain businesses: "We expect that there will be renewed pressure on shareholders over the coming months with the likelihood that Pfizer could be back in its attempts to take over AstraZeneca.jkoeer

"The government needs to use this time to intervene and put a public interest test in place for proposed takeovers of this size, just as other governments do, such as the French which has strengthened its powers to act to protect strategic industries."

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There's no political persecution here.

Mr Mahuad, a lecturer at Harvard University, is wanted in Ecuador over allegations of embezzlement during his time in office in the 1990s.

The former president, who denies the charges, fled Ecuador after a coup in 2000 and moved to the United States.

During a banking crisis in 1999, Mr Mahuad froze bank accounts and replaced the Ecuadoran currency with the dollar.

The government blamed the former president for the events – which saw more than 20 banks shut down – and started a lawsuit against him in 2000.

In 2011, Interpol rejected Ecuador's first request to issue an international warrant against Mr Mahuad, arguing it was a "political case".
'No political persecution'

But on Tuesday the Ecuadoran Interior Minister, Jose Serrano, welcomed the eventual inclusion of the former president's name on Interpol's wanted list.

It means Mr Mahuad may now be detained and extradited to Ecuador to face charges which could see him jailed for between eight and 12 years.

"There's no political persecution here. What Ecuadoran justice seeks is the punishment of common criminal acts," Mr Serrano told reporters in the capital, Quito.

Mr Mahuad took office in January 1998, as Ecuador was dangerously close to war with neighbouring Peru over border disputes.

But months later he signed a peace deal with his Peruvian counterpart, Alberto Fujimori.

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May 23, 2014

Ukraine's presidential election.

It is unclear who attacked the checkpoint, with one Ukrainian officer telling the BBC it was not separatists.iphone保護殼< /a>

The attacks come just three days before Ukraine's presidential election.

Ukraine's interim Prime Minister, Arseny Yatseniuk, has called for an emergency session of the UN Security Council, saying he has evidence of Russian involvement in the violence.

Mark Lowen at the scene: "This is a huge blow for the Ukrainian army"

Russia appears to be withdrawing troops from its border with Ukraine, easing fears of a military intervention like in Crimea in March.

Nato chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen said in a tweet that Russian troop activity near the Ukraine border might suggest that some Russian forces were preparing to pull back.雪纖瘦黑店

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered troops near the border to withdraw to their bases earlier this week. Correspondents say removing the troops - estimated to number 40,000 - could help de-escalate the Ukraine crisis

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