June 01, 2015

Its capture is also seen as crucial

Its capture is also seen as crucial for plans to attack IS in Mosul, owing to its position on the main road north to the city from Baghdad.

However, despite the emotion of the moment, the strategic value of this piece of territory is in actual fact mixed.

To the victor of Baiji go the spoils, according to the current narrative of the conflict in Iraq, but this conclusion is questionable given the effort required to take it combined with the equivocal gains.
Disruption not defeat

At the moment, about 200 Iraqi security personnel are besieged inside the sprawling 10-sq-mile (26-sq-km) refinery, where IS fighters might have taken over up to two-thirds, according to reports.

For either side, keeping control of the refinery will come at a cost.

To hold on to Baiji requires personnel and robust logistics support. Even worse for the Iraqis tactically, the fight to hold the refinery tends to favour IS.

As a battlefield it offers all of the complications of urban warfare micro-terrain which allow small, dispersed forces to fight and maintain a presence nearly indefinitely given the lesser demands of such a campaign.

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May 29, 2015

How can the US police

Too many countries are cowed by Fifa," said Alexandra Wrage, a former Fifa anti-bribery adviser who resigned in protest from the organisation reenex cps.
"As with international bribery more generally, the US Department of Justice has said they'll step up to investigate corruption if others won't," she said.
How can the US police a global game?
Suspects being led away
The suspects were shielded from journalists by a white sheet business centre
Speaking to reporters just hours after the arrests in Switzerland, FBI Director James Comey set out why the US was able to act.
"If you touch our shores with your corrupt enterprise, whether that is through meetings or through using our world class financial system, you will be held accountable for that corruption," he said.
As it turns out, the US charges accuse many of those football officials of doing both.
To prosecute cases that involve foreign nationals, US authorities need only prove a minor connection to the United States.
But in the case of the charges made public on Wednesday, the alleged corruption hit right at the heart of the game in the US.
FBI Director Comey
FBI Director James Comey
Fifa and the confederations under it make money by selling the marketing and media rights to the World Cup and other tournaments that they organise reenex.

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December 15, 2014

He was handcuffed and arrested on landing.

He had reportedly banged on the pilot's cockpit door, demanding entry. He was handcuffed and arrested on landing.

The judge found that he was suffering from a medical condition Reenex 好唔好 at the time.

The incident, on 25 April, caused a hijack scare after the pilot sent a distress signal to Indonesia's airport authorities.

Indonesian troops boarded the flight after it landed at Bali airport and arrested Mr Lockley.reenex cps

Indonesian soldiers secure the Virgin Australia plane at Denpasar airport - 25 April 2014 Mr Lockley was arrested by Indonesian troops after the plane landed in Bali

Virgin later said the incident was "no hijacking", but a "miscommunication", and that Mr Lockley was drunk and acting aggressively.

Mr Lockley later said he had experienced a panic attack and mistook the cockpit door for a toilet.

His lawyer said he had also been anxious because he thought someone had tampered with his luggage.

Brisbane magistrate Judith Daley ruled that Mr Lockley was suffering from a medical issue, and that there was not sufficient evidence to suggest he intentionally knocked on the cockpit door.

Speaking after the verdict, Mr Lockley told reporters he was "Reenex 好唔好very relieved".

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November 26, 2014

Officer Wilson said there was nothing

Much of the debate since August has centred on whether Michael Brown was attempting to surrender to Darren Wilson when he was shot, but state prosecutor Robert McCulloch said physical evidence had contradicted some of the witness statements.looper122のblog

Speaking to ABC News, Officer Wilson said there was nothing he could have done differently. He said he feared for his life.

"The reason I have a clean conscience is because I know I did my job right," he said.babyguest820722
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US President Barack Obama: "The problem is not just a Ferguson problem, it's an American problem"

He described Mr Brown as a "powerful man," saying he felt "like a five-year-old holding on to Hulk Hogan".

The policeman, who has been on administrative leave since the incident, denied witness statements that Mr Brown put his hands up.

He insisted that race played no part in the confrontation and that he would have acted in exactly the same way if the suspect had been white.
The charred remains of cars that were set alight during riots in Dellwood, Missouri - 25 November 2014 Cars were set on fire during protests in Dellwood, an area of St Louis close to Ferguson, overnight
A worker cleans up glass at a building damaged during riots in Dellwood, Missouri - 25 November 2014 Many residents and business owners took to the streets early on Tuesday to begin the clean-up
Process under scrutinyれんじうぇ

More than 80 people were arrested amid riots across several areas of St Louis on Monday night. Sixty-one of those arrests were in Ferguson, with charges including burglary and trespassing.Kissjuce

Ferguson mayor James Knowles criticised what he says was a delay in deploying the National Guard saying it did not come soon enough "to save all of our businesses".nicbe的个人博客
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November 19, 2014

setting a good example.

Stephanie McCratic, who runs a PR firm, counters that Mr Beebe is actually setting a good example mask house 面膜 好用.

"He has to take care of his family too, and it's a very conflicting place to live in," she tells Urist. "But the truth is, he made his son come ask for the pardon. The governor didn't volunteer it."

But what about all the non-Beebes across the US whose records will never be wiped clean? Kaili Joy Gray writes in Wonkette that they should get a second chance as well.

"Makes Ya Think that the whole Beebe family should be working real hard, every day, to try to reform our criminal justice system and end our dumb, pointless war on drugs so that people just like Kyle Beebe, whose lives have also been forever altered and who have served much harsher sentences for the same so-called crime, can have the same opportunity to be the men, and women, they know they can be too," she says mask house 瘦面.

Earlier this month Mr Beebe also announced intentions to pardon a family friend who was convicted in 2008 of the internet stalking a child. Within a week, his office put the pardon on hold, having learned of additional allegations in a child custody case.

Mr Beebe has issued more than 700 pardons during his time in office - hundreds fewer than his predecessor, Republican Mike Huckabee, who has been criticised for approving the requests of more serious felons.

"No way to make a pardon for your son look pure, not when Beebe has been so famously parsimonious with the pardon power," writes Max Brantley for the Arkansas Times mask house 面膜 好用.

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September 17, 2014

hospitals and clinics

Mr Obama said the outbreak had reached epidemic proportions in West Africa, as the disease "completely overwhelmed" hospitals and clinics and people were "literally dying on the streets".

He called on other countries to step up their response, as a worsening outbreak would lead to "profound political, economic and security implications for all of us".

There's a "potential threat to global security if these countries break down", he said, which would impact on everyone.

"The world knows how to fight this disease. We know if we take the proper steps we can save lives. But we have to to work fast," Mr Obama said.
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"Start Quote

The window of opportunity to contain this outbreak is closing”

Joanne Liu MSF president

Earlier, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said the 3,000 troops would not provide direct care to Ebola patients. Some soldiers would be stationed at an intermediate base in Senegal, while others will provide logistical, training and engineering support at locations in Liberia.

On Tuesday, a US congressional panel heard testimony from Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, and Dr Kent Brantly, who recovered from an Ebola infection after receiving an experimental treatment for the disease.huspwer’blogkiswe‘blogyoxigir HUUS人不分善惡,狼愛上羊很正常kiiweさんのブログ

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September 04, 2014

For any official documents

Even if I am not in the office, other staff would notice that an urgent document has come through," she adds.

For any official documents including housing contracts, they also require seals instead of signatures in Japan紅葡萄酒.

The majority of the population has a seal called jitsuin which is officially registered as theirs through a government office.

Unless original documents must be submitted in person, fax machines again come in handy because documents stamped with seals can be sent.

There is another reason Japan continues to use fax machines in the email era純中藥外敷療程.

Japan is a country known to be high-tech but not everyone is. More than a fifth of the population is aged over 65.

The older generation who cannot keep up with emails still prefer to use fax machines.

That is why Supermarket Aeon has decided to take orders by fax and phone, not just on their website.

"We started taking orders online in 2008 but received quite a few requests from customers, especially in rural areas, that they prefer to order by phone or fax," says Hideo Binnaka who heads the online sales team.

"They are mainly our older customers so we also offer to check up on them if we don't receive any orders for a month to make sure that they are okhair loss."

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August 12, 2014

The global banana market is currently

Juice maker Cutrale and conglomerate Safra have offered $13 a share, a 29% premium to Chiquita's closing share price on Friday.Antique jewelry

Chiquita shares jumped 31% in New York after the bid was announced.

The offer rivals the proposed merger between Chiquita and Irish fruit firm Fyffes, announced in March. Shares in Fyffes fell 15% in London.

The merger would create the world's largest banana company worth $1bn.

But the two Brazilian companies said their offer "is clearly more favourable to the Chiquita shareholders than the proposed merger with Fyffes" DSE Mock.

The global banana market is currently controlled by four firms, Chiquita, Dole Food Company, Fresh Del Monte and Fyffes, according to the United Nations.12ax7

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August 11, 2014

What do they do?

How parasites manipulate us!

Humans infected with parasites could behave in surprising ways. Michael Mosley subjected himself to tapeworms and leeches to find out more.向日葵纖體美容好唔好

Humans are constantly at war with disease. We lob antibiotic missiles at bacteria and toss vaccine-shaped grenades at viruses. We drop bombs made of antibacterial soap and hand sanitiser on everything we can. The battle between humans and parasites (an umbrella term that includes viruses, bacteria and much larger creatures that thrive on a host) has ancient roots, and exert as strong a force on evolution as predators, drought or famine.

Other species face similar threats, of course, and we're reminded of the devastating effect parasites have in nature every day. Tasmanian devils are suffering an epidemic of facial tumour disease, a kind of parasitic cancer. A disease called chytridiomycosis, which is caused by a particularly nasty fungus called Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, has ravaged nearly a third of the world's frog populations. Up to 90% of koalas suffer from chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease that's caused by bacteria called Chlamydia trachomatis, in some parts of Australia. Great apes like chimpanzees and gorillas and even humans are being hit hard by the Ebola virus, pneumonia and other diseases.

It makes a great deal of sense, then, that animals would have evolved mechanisms for protecting themselves from infection and illness long before we could simply swallow a few pills. So what defence mechanisms have other species developed?

Salmon living in close proximity to each other can quickly spread infectious lice (Getty Images)

Young salmon call upon an army of helpers. Juvenile salmon aren't strong enough to compensate for the salmon louse or sea louse, and can die from infected wounds. This parasite is a type of small crustacean called a copepod that floats around the sea with all the other types of plankton. In 2007, the transfer of sea lice from wild stocks caused an outbreak of a disease called infectious salmon anaemia among farmed Chilean salmon and trout.

But salmon and other piscine sufferers of sea lice interact symbiotically with other, smaller fish species that eat the sea lice off their skin. In the wild and in aquariums, it had long been known that fish like the corkwing wrasse, ballan wrasse, cuckoo wrasse, goldsinny, and rock cook have a role as cleaner fish. The cleaner fish get a nice meal, and the salmon get a clean bill of health.

In the early 1990s, Norway's Institute of Fisheries Technology Research discovered that they could control the prevalence of sea lice in salmon farms by introducing those and other cleaner fish into the enclosures. One experiment found that just one wrasse was sufficient to keep one hundred salmon clean, and another found that a goldsinny could keep 150 salmon in prime health. A single goldsinny could eat 45 lice from two salmon in just 90 minutes.

Elsewhere, the humble ant has also evolved some unique social behaviours in order to keep their colonies healthy. In some ways, ant colonies behave as if they're one large superorganism; rather than leaving each individual responsible for its own health, the colony has what researchers have called "social immunity”.

Bury the dead

When a colony member dies, surviving ants go out of their way to remove the lifeless body from the colony. It isn't yet known what sorts of bacteria, viruses, or fungi grow on the bodies of dead ants, but biologists have long thought that corpse removal was a behaviour that evolved to keep the colony healthy, because the deceased individual could have been, or could become, infected. But it had never been proven, until now.

Red ant colonies can quickly harbour infection – but they have ways of dealing with the problem (Science Photo Library)

Earlier this year, Belgian researcher Lise Diez and colleagues finally found concrete evidence to bolster the hypothesis. The researchers maintained several colonies of common red ants, Myrmica rubra in their laboratory for 50 days. Half of the colonies were free to dispose of their corpses as they naturally would, but the others were blocked from doing so. Starting from the eighth day, adult workers from colonies that were permitted to remove corpses naturally were significantly more likely to survive than adults from the restricted ones. Impressively, the ants in the restricted colonies found alternative mechanisms for reducing their exposure to corpses. The dead ants were moved to the corners and the colony to reduce the number of individuals who could pass near them, and especially to keep them away from the developing larvae. Some restricted colonies also managed to "bury" their dead under some cotton wool they had removed from artificial water dispensers.向日葵纖體美容好唔好
Behaviours that reduce an animal's exposure to infectious parasites, from hiring cleaner fish to hiding dead corpses, probably evolved to combat the deadly pressure of disease, just as animals evolved camouflage to escape being gobbled up by toothy predators. A 2004 study of 60 ungulate species as the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park found that the animals still automatically groomed themselves, despite the fact that they were free from parasites. In other words, grooming evolved as a kind of precautionary, preventative measure rather than as an an immediate, reflexive response to skin irritation. Although the study only looked at ungulates, it seems reasonable to assume that grooming behaviours across the animal kingdom – from big cats licking themselves to primates picking the parasites from their skin– may have evolved in a similar way.

Sometimes animal grooming behaviours closely resemble our own. These snow monkeys are taking a bath in the hot springs of Japan (Science Photo Library)

"In studying and observing animals that live in relatively clean laboratories, field stations and domestic environments, and that are vaccinated against diseases and medically treated when sick,” wrote veterinary researcher Benjamin Hart in Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews in 1988, "it is easy to forget that animals evolved and thrived in environments with an array of parasites long before human protective measures were available."

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June 04, 2014

The minimum prison term has risen from 20 to 40 years.

Mexico has published new sentencing guidelines that will double prison sentences for kidnapping. mengmeng'blog

The minimum prison term has risen from 20 to 40 years.

It will apply for all abductions, including those that last only a few hours or days, so-called "express kidnappings".

The maximum prison sentence will rise from 50 to 140 years for those who kill their victims.

Kidnappings committed by a public security official, such as a member of the police or military, will be punished with up to 100 years in prison.

Kidnappers will also have to pay heavy fines.

In reality, few people ever receive sentences longer than 60 years for federal crimes, but kidnapping is considered in a separate category.
'Humanitarian emergency'

The number of kidnappings reported to the police has risen dramatically in Mexico in recent years.

In 2007, 438 kidnappings were reported, but the number had risen to almost 1,700 last year.

And the government estimates the number of kidnappings reported to the police could be fewer than 2% of the total.

If that is the case, the real number of abductions could be about 105,000 per year.

Analysts say accurate figures are hard to come by, as many abductions only last for hours or a few days until the victims empty their bank accounts at gunpoint or pay a ransom. miiewe

Most are never reported to the authorities for fear of reprisals from the criminal gang which carried out the kidnapping. vywerw

In January this year the Mexican government launched a nationwide effort to fight kidnapping. niuer’blog

A federal prosecutor, Renato Sales, was named to head an anti-kidnapping committee that would co-ordinate efforts to fight abductions in the 10 Mexican states (out of 31) where 74% of all kidnappings take place. huhweu

"Mexico needs to deal quickly and efficiently with the humanitarian emergency that this crime entails," said Mr Sales at the time.

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May 28, 2014

The government needs to use this time!

Pfizer had until Monday evening to make any further move under a strict timetable allowed for takeovers of public companies.じすい

These same rules mean Pfizer must now wait six months before making a fresh bid for AstraZeneca, unless invited to do so by the company.Mengmd's Blog

By then AstraZeneca shareholders believe the US government will have gone a long way to closing the tax loophole which was one of the reasons for Pfizer being so attracted to AstraZeneca.みいしえ

However, if AstraZeneca's board has a complete change of mind about the offer it could invite Pfizer to talks in three months' time.dfsdder

The Unite union said that the company's independence was not secure and the government should act to protect certain businesses: "We expect that there will be renewed pressure on shareholders over the coming months with the likelihood that Pfizer could be back in its attempts to take over AstraZeneca.jkoeer

"The government needs to use this time to intervene and put a public interest test in place for proposed takeovers of this size, just as other governments do, such as the French which has strengthened its powers to act to protect strategic industries."

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There's no political persecution here.

Mr Mahuad, a lecturer at Harvard University, is wanted in Ecuador over allegations of embezzlement during his time in office in the 1990s.

The former president, who denies the charges, fled Ecuador after a coup in 2000 and moved to the United States.

During a banking crisis in 1999, Mr Mahuad froze bank accounts and replaced the Ecuadoran currency with the dollar.

The government blamed the former president for the events – which saw more than 20 banks shut down – and started a lawsuit against him in 2000.

In 2011, Interpol rejected Ecuador's first request to issue an international warrant against Mr Mahuad, arguing it was a "political case".
'No political persecution'

But on Tuesday the Ecuadoran Interior Minister, Jose Serrano, welcomed the eventual inclusion of the former president's name on Interpol's wanted list.

It means Mr Mahuad may now be detained and extradited to Ecuador to face charges which could see him jailed for between eight and 12 years.

"There's no political persecution here. What Ecuadoran justice seeks is the punishment of common criminal acts," Mr Serrano told reporters in the capital, Quito.

Mr Mahuad took office in January 1998, as Ecuador was dangerously close to war with neighbouring Peru over border disputes.

But months later he signed a peace deal with his Peruvian counterpart, Alberto Fujimori.

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May 23, 2014

Ukraine's presidential election.

It is unclear who attacked the checkpoint, with one Ukrainian officer telling the BBC it was not separatists.iphone保護殼< /a>

The attacks come just three days before Ukraine's presidential election.

Ukraine's interim Prime Minister, Arseny Yatseniuk, has called for an emergency session of the UN Security Council, saying he has evidence of Russian involvement in the violence.

Mark Lowen at the scene: "This is a huge blow for the Ukrainian army"

Russia appears to be withdrawing troops from its border with Ukraine, easing fears of a military intervention like in Crimea in March.

Nato chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen said in a tweet that Russian troop activity near the Ukraine border might suggest that some Russian forces were preparing to pull back.雪纖瘦黑店

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered troops near the border to withdraw to their bases earlier this week. Correspondents say removing the troops - estimated to number 40,000 - could help de-escalate the Ukraine crisis

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April 29, 2014

Labor is the most solemn!

Only the workers to labor, labor and mental and physical, labor without straw, only different division of labor. Anyone who studied all know that created all labor, labor in any corner of the China, at any time, just like the blood in your body, for all the time.kaisi123
Labor is the most beautiful, warm, with the fragrance of soil, with the joy of the goods;
Labor is the most real, with years of temper, emblazoned with the trace of the past;
Labor is the most solemn, sacred, strong in your heart, with your dignity;love and love
Labor is the most wisdom, screened in the world of good and evil, motivate all things, great and acceptance.kaskao
Each of us is laborer, also all labor, are always enjoy their labor bring happiness. As long as there are labor, drew out a lot of moving images. Think of mother and weeding, spray insecticide, give a vegetable garden, pruning, suffused with light fragrance, food flavor...kaisi123
A group of children with a basket of pig, the form of running in the fields, came to play... In the early morning of the cleaner, workers toiling away; The police patrol the streets, regardless of day and night; Literary and art workers meditation practice, scientific research and technology... Everything, and they only "work" to put it in series, condensation. And only this, they show the labor. kaisi123
Laborer is in labor, this is a song, every detail to happiness is a beautiful note, roaming on everyone's face. Labor is the source of happiness in life, in every day with you fly, also always let you grateful to life, salute!kaskao

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April 11, 2014

It is also home to the Huaorani and other indigenous.

Limited oil exploitation has been taking place in parts of Yasuni, which covers nearly 10,000 sq km (3,860 sq miles), since the 1970s.

But last year President Rafael Correa abandoned a conservation plan that would have seen rich nations pay Ecuador not to drill in previously untouched parts of the park.

Mr Correa said the initiative had attracted only a fraction of the $3.6bn (£2.1bn) it had aimed to raise, leaving Ecuador with no choice but go ahead with drilling. Oil is the country's main export.

There were protests in Quito against his decision.

The park supports a huge variety of wildlife, including unique species of birds, monkeys and amphibians.

It is also home to the Huaorani and other indigenous people who had virtually no contact with the outside world until recent decades.

Yasuni oilfields hold an estimated 846 million barrels of crude, 20 percent of Ecuador's reserves.nusuedrlomeng'blog 护肤天使 kuer'bloglomeng的個人空間

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April 01, 2014

Hamilton powers to race win

Hamilton pushed for the first 10 laps, built a comfortable advantage and then controlled the race until the end.
Play media
Lewis Hamilton on his way to winning the Malaysian Grand Prix

Highlights: Hamilton powers to race win

Together with his engineer, he had obviously done some good work on how the circuit would change overnight and evolve on race day.

That's why Hamilton's team-mate Nico Rosberg was so far behind. It was not all driving. A lot of it would be to do with not having quite the right set-up, which would mean he was uncomfortable with the stability of the car.

It was also interesting to note that Hamilton was using a little less fuel than Rosberg.

Hamilton really did have everything in his pocket. He was faster - he set a stunning fastest lap 0.9sescs quicker than Rosberg, who was the next quickest. He was able to look after his tyres. And he was using less fuel.

When the car works for you, you're confident and everything is running your way, days like that happen, and when they do it's fantasticgeijlsngi15

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March 01, 2014

he US bank Citigroup has lowered its fourth-quarter

he US bank Citigroup has lowered its fourth-quarter and full-year earnings after discovering fraud in its Mexican subsidiary.singnice

The bank said that 2013 net income would be reduced to $13.7bn (£8.2bn) from $13.9bn.

Citigroup said that it believed the fraud was an "isolated incident".细雨的呢喃

Chief executive Michael Corbat said the company had been "responding forcefully" and it was working with law enforcement agencies in Mexicolisehwant.

The fraud centres on short-term loans made by Citigroup's subsidiary, Banco Nacional de Mexico (Banamex), to a Mexican oil services company called Oceanografia (OSA).
Continue reading the main story
"Start Quote

Five years after a crisis in which the financial services industry shouldered its fair share of blame - there are some people who still don't get it”

Michael Corbat Chief executive, Citigroup

In February, Mexico's anti-corruption agency banned OSA from bidding on government contracts for 21 months because it had violated an agreement with the country's state-owned oil giant, Pemex.

As a result, Citigroup and Pemex then investigated their accounts relating to OSA, discovering some of them were fraudulent.
'Despicable crime'

"It appears that invoices from OSA were falsified to represent that Pemex had approved them. A Banamex employee processed them, and as much as $400m was misappropriated throughout the course of the fraud," said Mr Corbat in a memo to his staff.

"The financial impact will lower our 2013 net income by approximately $235m. The impact to our credibility is harder to calculate," he added.

Mr Corbat said he was working with Mexican authorities to "initiate criminal actions in connection with this matter that, in addition to imposing just penalties on the responsible parties, may allow us to recover damages".

He said: "There will be accountability for those who perpetrated this despicable crime and any employees who enable it."

Just two weeks ago, he wrote to his staff stressing the importance of ethics in the firm, saying that "five years after a crisis in which the financial services industry shouldered its fair share of blame - there are some people who still don't get it".玻璃瓶里的爱

Citigroup is the US's third largest bank in terms of assets.阳光雨露

Since the Citigroup revelations, Mexico has seized the assets of OSA and is investigating it for possible crime. An administrator has been appointed to run the business in the meantime.

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February 20, 2014

More than three centuries ago a handful of pioneers crossed the ocean

More than three centuries ago a handful of pioneers crossed the ocean t Jamestown and Plymouth in search of freedoms they were unable to find in their own countries, the freedoms of we still cherish today: freedom from want, freedom from fear, freedom of speech, freedom of religion. Today the descendants of the early settlers, and those who have joined them since, are fighting to protect these freedoms at home and throughout the world .Florist flower
And yet there is a fifth freedom - basic to those four - that we are in danger of losing: the freedom to be one's best. St. Exupery describes a ragged, sensitive-faced Arab child, haunting the streets of a North African town, as a lost Mozart: he would never be trained or developed. Was he free? "No one grasped you by the shoulder while there was still time; and nought will awaken in you the sleeping poet or musician or astronomer that possibly inhabited you from the beginning." The freedom to be one's best is the chance for the development of each person to his highest power.
How is it that we in America have begun to lose this freedom, and how can we regain it for our nation's youth? I believe it has started slipping away from us because of three misunderstandings.
First, the misunderstanding of the meaning of democracy. The principal of a great Philadelphia high school is driven to cry for help in combating the notion that it is undemocratic to run a special program of studies for outstanding boys and girls. Again, when a good independent school in Memphis recently closed, some thoughtful citizens urged that it be taken over by the public school system and used for boys and girls of high ability, what it have entrance requirements and give an advanced program of studies to superior students who were interested and able to take it. The proposal was rejected because it was undemocratic! Thus, courses are geared to the middle of the class. The good student is unchallenged, bored. The loafer receives his passing grade. And the lack of an outstanding course for the outstanding student, the lack of a standard which a boy or girl must meet, passes for democracy.the flowers shop
The second misunderstanding concerns what makes for happiness. The aims of our present-day culture are avowedly ease and material well-being: shorter hours; a shorter week; more return for less accomplishment; more softsoap excuses and fewer honest, realistic demands. In our schools this is reflected by the vanishing hickory stick and the emerging psychiatrist. The hickory stick had its faults, and the psychiatrist has his strengths. But hickory stick had its faults, and the psychiatrist has his strengths. But the trend is clear. Tout comprendre c'est tout pardoner (To understand everything is to excuse everything). Do we really believe that our softening standards bring happiness? Is it our sound and considered judgment that the tougher subjects of the classics and mathematics should be thrown aside, as suggested by some educators, for doll-playing? Small wonder that Charles Malik, Lebanese delegate at the U.N., writes: "There is in the West" (in the United States) "a general weakening of moral fiber. (Our) leadership does not seem to be adequate to the unprecedented challenges of the age."Grand Cru
The last misunderstanding is in the area of values. Here are some of the most influential tenets of teacher education over the past fifty years: there is no eternal truth; there is no absolute moral law; there is no God. Yet all of history has taught us that the denial of these ultimates, the placement of man or state at the core of the universe, results in a paralyzing mass selfishness; and the first signs of it are already frighteningly evident.

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December 16, 2013

I told myself my life would be my own

In younger days,
I told myself my life would be my own
And I'd leave the place where sunshine never shone
For my life's too short for waiting
when I see the rising sun
Then I know again that I must carry on
Carry on on till tomorow
there's no reason to look back
Carry on, carry on, carry on
Beyond the shadows of the clouds
and onward to the sky
Carry on till I find the rainbow's end
For my life's too short for waiting
when I see the rising sun
Then I know again that I must carry on
Carry on till tomorow
there's no reason to look back
Carry on, carry on, carry on

Drifting on the wings of freedom
leave this stormy day
And we'll ride to tomorrow's golden fields
For my life's too short for waiting
when I see the rising sun
Then I know again that I must carry on
Carry on till tomorow
there's no reason to look back
Carry on, carry on, carry on

And when the heavy journey's done
I'll rest my weary head
For the world and it's colours will be mine
For my life's too short for waiting
when I see the setting sun
Then I know again that I must carry on
Carry on till tomorow
there's no reason to look back
Carry on, carry on, carry on......

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December 07, 2013









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