November 22, 2013

light dishes, white rice is my love

Cheongsam , light dishes, white rice is my love .

First bought a two cheongsam, a dark blue , a red plaid . Put on when he kept store people praise me really sorry say buy .

And shopping the two half-length cheongsam. A gaudy let me joy, peacock and roses , handmade colorful silk , simply glowed bright make people can not say give up. Another thing is the patchwork style , silk cotton flannel, and a little bit of ethnic vase. And before that , as a try , and it gets turned into a store's customers care .

Recently vowed never again to enter cheongsam shop , even Lu Yu Do not !

This keeps me as passing the city, because the habit and become cute together . Habits of life , it is really important , worry and effort , although occasionally feel slack or boring, but safe , like years of marriage. Trivial to annoying resentment , is not so easy to put it down, thrown open .

Midnight cafe , Mangosteen sweet rose tea very warm . Mangosteen is this season 's baby. Opposite the woman said earnestly : twelve , really do not hold too much expectation of marriage . Was about to respond , he was the next person covered his ears and told me not to listen do not listen , you want to be happy you are to be happy .


Think of this clip , happy tear staggered .

They said , you know what ? The benefits of marriage is that you can confidently asked the man to stay there , you can call him anytime, anywhere , you have the right to know where he is what he is doing . Righteous and power that only marriage can give you assurance.

They said , and no one man could not have been flowers . Re beautiful man, wearing slippers at home , still is a boring dirty male . He would like vexatious, somehow .

They tell me when no one covered my ears . I can not lie to myself , to hear these, swishing cold heart , just like walking barefoot in the empty street . That cold , not because of how much or how to look fantastic , but was that the " righteous " are down .

Justly claim to treat a man, how hard it is . However, I really do not believe it is worth the investment and the reasons for the city , but can not find any reason to argue . Not found. But I still want to stick . Uphold the light side dishes, wander forward, dressed wait . So long , suddenly had the urge to cry . I quietly at home, wash brush , kitchen brush , mop the floor , clean up the dresser, ironing clothes. Busy, then blur blur those thoughts , do not let yourself cry.

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